Village Cottages wanted to update the overall look of the entrance to their property. The plans included refurbishing their existing walls, replacing their monument signs, removing all of the tropical foliage and replacing it with drought tolerant low irrigation type landscape. The community took action and updated the entrance to their private gated community. The results are in……WOW!

Wall Sign Before


Wall Sign After


Vasin Sign & Design prepped and clad existing block walls, pilasters, and kiosk with El Dorado stone specially selected to best compliment the community aesthetic.  Travertine tiles were installed in a diagonal pattern for added interest with 1″ thick aluminum letters painted dark bronze acrylic.  The finishing touches were added to the walls and pilasters using custom colored precast concrete caps with finial ball accents. The final results were both dramatic and classic adding a timeless quality that best exemplified the community’s overall style.

Thinking about improving the look of your own community? Monument sign upgrades and refurbishment are a great way to add value to your property and show the community that your HOA cares about how it is represented through signage.

Pilasters  Kiosk